Lucky Coin Leprechaun

Customer Testimonials

  • O'Henrys Food & Spirits

    Lucky Coin has been our Video Poker partner since the very beginning of Gaming in New Orleans. They are a dream to work with. They take care of everything which allows me to put my efforts into food and service.

    I’d recommend them as a Video Poker partner to any small business.

    Rhonda L Conley, President
  • Puccino’s - The Real Coffee of Italy

    Puccino's appreciates the good job Lucky Coin does for our game rooms. Excellent service: Anytime there's a machine failure your staff is on the problem at our location within thirty minutes. That's hard to beat. Accurate accounting: Your fast and efficient staff collects the money accurately and pays us immediately so our bank is rarely broken. There honesty is never in question, we are always relaxed when they are on the premises. Start up support: Each time we open a new location the support is extremely useful in ramping up to speed with our playing customers. Without your support things would take longer to become profitable. God is Great, Profit is Good, and we're here to make money. It's easy to see why we appreciate Lucky Coin and their entire staff.

  • Bruno’s Tavern

    I have used Lucky Coin for all of my amusement games and music boxes since I started in business in 1974. Bob Nims, the original owner, was a fair and generous man. Since John Georges purchased the company, he has carried on that tradition of good, honest business, and great customer service. I would recommend Lucky Coin for all of your coin operated devices. Cheers.

    David Melius
  • Caffe Fresca Restaurant

    Caffe Fresca and Lucky Coin have had a great business relationship for 10 years. Their professionalism is unsurpassed in the gaming industry.

    Frank Slipher
  • Robertson’s Vieux

    It has been a great pleasure to work with the team of professionals at Lucky Coin for the past 5 years. Each individual I have had the pleasure to work with completed all necessary due diligence in a timely manner striving for quality assurance every step of the way. Thanks for the commitment, the partnership and the opportunity to do business with you!

    C. Doug Robertson, Owner
  • Dots Diner

    "Great service and greater people."  I have worked with Lucky Coin for almost 15 years now and they make my job very easy.

    Larry Katz, President